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How did you learn to produce music??

All self taught really. Learn alot from youtube videos etc. I reverse engineered alot of songs and tried to remake them, which taught me alot of tricks to producing aswell! 

new note1 videos in the making

Recently invested in some pocketwizards, here is just a quick photo at BBz testing them out. Feeble grind to fakie - Scott Olds

Scott Olds - Nollie Flip. Published in Manual Magazine Issue 51.
Photo i shot of my homie ‘Laers’ painting out in papakura last saturday. 
Photo i shot of the port tracks, while cluelessly walking around at about 4.30am saturday morning. Hyped on how it turned out considering the circumstances.

Scott Olds - Fakie Pop Browns Bay vert.
Rotorua Redwood forest. 
Southdown day 3
Old South Freezeworks 
Old South Freezeworks
Old South Freezeworks
James Marson, Woodhill Forest. 
West Coast of New Zealand